About me

I am a software engineer and researcher (Google Brain, DARPA, CERN, and Dartmouth College). I currently work for a startup called Windscape AI and run a small rental company called Greenfield Properties. This is my research blog, where I write posts about topics that interest me and highlight papers I’ve written.

My research interests vary but often involve the intersection between physics – one of the oldest and most theoretical fields of science – and ML – one of the youngest and most data-oriented. I like to build new things by combining established tools and ideas in creative ways. Some examples include Hamiltonians & neural networks, structural optimization & Autograd, and biological morphogenesis & NCAs.

  • 2013 – Physics major, Dartmouth College
  • 2015 – Particle physics intern, CERN
  • 2016 – Software engineering intern, Microsoft
  • 2017 – Co-captain of US team, International Physicist’s Tournament
  • 2018 – Google AI Resident, Google Brain San Francisco
  • 2019 – Deep learning researcher, Oregon State and The ML Collective
  • 2022 – Physics and ML at Windscape AI. Owner at Greenfield Properties.